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Britlyn Simone received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with departmental honors in Jewellery and Metalsmithing from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA. Since graduating in 2011, she has been awarded the Irving Cooper Award and the Morton R. Godine Fellowship, for which she traveled to the UK to continue her thesis investigation. Britlyn has exhibited her work throughout the United States and Australia.

Contemporary jeweller, amateur botanist, adventure seeker, backyard forager, vicarious archaeologist.

I am drawn to the repetitive and meditative process of metalsmithing as an outlet for artistic expression. Through the process of metalsmithing my thoughts and ideas are transformed into objects. My work is geometric, using repetitive shapes to create volume without weight. Whether reflective or abstract, my goal is to create an awkward balance of shape and scale. I am influenced by the geometry of every day life, from the beautiful symmetry in nature, to the modern industrial landscape. For me jewellery is a vessel that unifies personal narrative and material exploration, creating objects that have both history and memory. My work ranges from visually rich, wearable pieces to conceptual explorations and site-specific installations.

My objective is to explore the inherent nature of my materials, along with the cultural references they hold. I source gems that have unique physical characteristics, telling the story of their origin. Whether gems, precious metals or found objects, each finished piece is as individual as the mediums used.